Curious Little Apps

Finding apps in the app store is definitely a needle in a haystack scenario these days. With over 900,000 apps to sift through (as of June 2013) there is no easy way to do it. As developers, we love that we have the ability to put our apps in such an amazing marketplace. It might be tough to be found, but hey, at least we are there with the big kids (maybe 20 pages down, but we're optimists).

When it comes time to purchase an app, it's tough. There are many app review sites, but many of them are actually paid advertisements for the apps, not genuine reviews. One site that we've taken note of recently, with real reviews is Curious Little Apps. We noticed them after they reviewed our own app, but I found myself looking through their collection and loving the company we were in – Don't Let the Pigeon Run this App, Endless Alphabet, The Monster at the End of this Book, the list goes on. 

Also helpful is how apps are categorized by age, subject and price. Curious Little Apps is the brainchild of  Libby Stewart, a primary school teacher living in Melbourne and her partner Nathan Leigh Davis, who is an interactive designer and developer.